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The company blog is a tremendously powerful tool that you should always contemplate in an online marketing strategy. That is why on this occasion we present some tips that we believe may be useful to optimize your business.

1. It is crucial to develop a publication calendar to consider it within your monthly, weekly or daily tasks. This will help, on the one hand, to relate your posts with current issues and, on the other, to maintain a regularity in your content. It’s a bit heartbreaking to see the blog of a company that has not updated for months, right?
2. Measure your results. Periodically observe which contents work best and which ones worse. That will help you make decisions in the future and the community will appreciate your content better.
3. It contributes value and relevant contents. It may seem very interesting to explain to the world all your promotions, but surely it is more meaningful that you bring your audience content of interest about your sector. Use different post formats to give your blog more diversity.
4. Watch the writing. In addition to not making grammatical errors, you should also pay special attention to textual grammar and cohesion and coherence. Do not neglect another important aspect: the tone. He thinks that a clothing brand for a millennial audience can not be expressed in the same way as a company that sells cardiovascular surgery instruments.
5. It uses audiovisual elements. Whenever relevant, include videos, pictures or other resources in your posts. Make sure these are relevant and keep the balance with the rest of your blog content.
6. Integrate the blog in your web. This may seem obvious, but there are still companies that use external services to manage their corporate blog. It thinks that, integrating it in your web, will get that it increases his visits. Also watch your design and make sure it is responsive.
7. Share and share. About your content to your followers in social networks sharing it. Include buttons in your articles so your readers can also spread your content.
8. Use keywords. Pay attention to the keywords for which you want to position your website, without falling into obsessions. It is better to think about which expressions may be interesting for your potential audience and fit your content. Avoid those Martian expressions of SEO slaves and humanize your articles.
9. Let’s not go crazy! Occasionally, the desire to position your company’s blog can lead you to take a look at the dark side and consider using irregular practices such as black hat or simply spam. Do not be in a hurry and rest assured that, by doing your job well, the results will come.
10. And what do I write about? There are many sources of inspiration to go when creating new content. Perhaps it is best to stay active by reading other media related to your industry. It is also advisable to nurture your own activity. For example, if your store has received a new printer model, you can explain what’s new in this technology.

These are just a few tips we hope you find interesting. Do you have any other that you consider useful?

If you need help with the management of your business blog, do not wait any longer and contact us. We will be happy to lend a hand.

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