What do children think about SEO?


In this chapter of positioning you, my weekly SEO podcast at OndaCRO, I have a very special guest who tells us his strategic vision about the world of digital marketing and SEO.

Do you work in the digital environment? Have children?

If like me you dedicate professionally to this digital world, in which you can perform like SEO, marketer, social media, etc. And you also have a son, you have probably asked yourself how he sees your work.

That is why, this guest of honor that we have today, is nothing more or nothing less than my son Titian 🙂 A specialist in the field!

Do people understand what you do or do your work difficult to understand?

Most people find that everyone understands almost perfectly what they do in their day to day work, well, to most.

There are others who have jobs that neither they themselves fully understand or without an instruction manual almost nobody would understand what they do. But today I do not want to talk to you about that, what I want to talk about, rather, what we are going to talk about in my podcats, is how my positioning world understands my son, who sees me every day sitting behind A screen to which he himself wants to come just to play.

This is one of the great controversies that our work has, not only my son, but many of my relatives and friends believe that computers are only for entertainment and that is why every person sitting in front of you is out of question Related more to leisure than to work, especially if we talk about that your office is in your own house as is my case.

Very likely to hear the podcats of today you are identified in your particular case, if so tell us your experience or opinion respect.

Before I say goodbye, I also want to tell you that during the remainder of this month and the next I will count on the collaboration of my friends Alex Mateo and Álvaro Rondón as co-conductors of the coming chapters of podcats. Although there will also be more surprise guests that you can not miss, as they will tell us very interesting strategies and points of view about the world of SEO.

We will continue informing …


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