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What is SEO for an eCommerce?

We are specialist in SEO and above all we always focused on working with online stores, so we will break down what it is and how to do web positioning if you have an eCommerce.

We discover how SEO is different than what we should do if we have only a content blog or an online store.

In the end, what differentiates a search in contents and commercial products is the intention with which the user performs that search in Google or another search engine.

Following top SEO practices, we will clarify that to structure the SEO of your store you can use different practical techniques, but always respecting a hierarchy in terms of categories and subcategories.

In addition you will be wondering what tools you can help to analyze all the data you need. At some other post we will name the tools that work best for you.

Regarding the fashion theme of compatibility and responsiveness for mobile phones, we are forces you to ask yourself the star question when we have an eCommerce: is my online store adapted to mobile devices?

One of the last SEO tips that our experts offer is to carry out a good web architecture, based on more or less importance that each of your URL’s.

I hope that with all this good handful of tips and advice from us you have to start ‘ordering’ and cleaning your eCommerce.

Without further ado, I hope you have learned and taken note of all the advice of our guest today, about SEO for your online store.

Now you have work pending to do until next release we come with more SEO tips!

We will continue informing …

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