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We have been talk to entrepreneurs, social media professionals and ‘influencers’ about the popularity that is reaching Instagram, the social network which shares photos and videos.

A few days ago I visited my usual hairdresser to accommodate me in the heat weeks that are falling. Due to its enclave, next to the oldest bar of Seville – El Rinconcillo -, anyone could cross out the business of stale, something that is not at all pejorative. But the truth and truth is that its clientele has experienced a remarkable growth in the last months thanks, precisely, to a successful plan of digital communication. Since Pepe Caballero launched to publish videos of his most original breads and upload them to the network, many customers come to him through this channel. So much so that he devotes many hours a week – outside of work – to prepare, record and edit the videos that are so profitable. “Since I decided to bet on social networks, especially Instagram, there are many customers that I receive daily from outside our area, neighborhoods away from the center, villages … even once we received a customer who came from Murcia “, Relates this surprised young man who runs a hairdresser in the Plaza de Los Terceros. “Social networks, like Instagram, have driven my business and consolidated the clientele as always.” And it is not an isolated case.

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According to different studies, those companies that bet on a professional management of their RRSS see their turnover increase in the medium-long term. The key is in professionalism, consistency and know how to choose in which networks to be present according to your target audience.

A network more than fashionable

The social network that is growing the most in recent years is definitely Instagram.

Just reached the figure of 700 million users and what is more surprising is that in the last four months has added 100 million new consumers. The best growth rate of its history (founded in 2010). But what is the reason for this rapid growth? For this, we talk to different users and experts to give us their point of view.

For Juan Amodeo (@ Amodeo13), one of the influential Spaniards with more followers (more than half a million) and the Blogosur Award for Best Instagramers of Seville 2016, this social network is “the perfect instrument to let me know and fulfill my dream of acting For all Spain. In addition, I have managed to empathize and connect with the audience my age, which is very comforting. In his opinion, the success of this platform is that it is very complete: «Photos, videos, reflections, 24-hour videos, has everything that a young person wants and claims in a social network». For this young man who continues to conquer the average Spain based on monologues what he likes most about Instagram is “its variety of audience.” And what is less, “for complaining about something,” is that users “should leave us who follow us when we get in the profile, to save the gossip.” (Laughter).

Jesus Isnard (@Jesusisnard) is another influencer who accumulates in his Instagram profile more than 40,000 followers. For him, this network “totally changed my life, sincerely. It’s a platform where, in addition to being able to show my work and everything I do, I can see many people from all over the world. ” Without realizing it has been created in a short time a place that generates millions of dollars a day. Thanks to his activity in this network of photos and videos Jesús has known “really incredible people, they have also contacted agencies from Madrid, Barcelona and the United Kingdom with which I have been able to campaign with fashion companies that I would have imagined in life”.

Juanen Román, better known by Brioche (@Brenenfurecida) and with about 40,000 followers, recognizes that discovering Instagram has been “an easier way to express myself because what is taken into account is a graphic and direct means that It impacts better with the one who sees it “.

Ismael Lemais, another influencer based on good humor, admits that he discovered Instagram when hardly anyone used it and “it seemed the most comfortable social photo network I had ever seen. Its growth, I think, may be because it does not stop updating options and becoming more complete, “admits this Nazarene that has more than 52,000 fans.

In the opinion of Juanma Blanco Poley, head of Social Networks and Participation of CanalSur, this growth is due precisely to that spirit of day-to-day images of your daily life, the colorful filters and their full integration with smartphones. For me they are the keys to the success of this social network. They have been able to catch Snapchat’s witness among millenials with the instant story tool, “he emphasizes.

The reality is that Instagram is positioned as the second most used social network in our country, followed by Facebook and above Twitter already. A platform that some have called the posture network. In one way or another, you are in an excellent moment and the best, perhaps, is coming.

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