SEO Positioning Strategy Using The right Content

SEO Positioning

The design and focus of content for either your social networks, Blog or website will facilitate and drive the effectiveness of an SEO Positioning campaign.

Every day users are saturated with information and content of which, they usually pay true attention to what they consider Important, Relevant and / or coherent. In order to attract users, several sites make the mistake of filling their spaces with a diversity of information and different themes under the motto of being “Diverse and varied in content” without understanding that they cause the opposite effect, loss of audience.

If your Brand is for Cars, do not talk about Gardening, I am producing incongruence of faces to the audience discarding any possible interest they might have had in the beginning.

What would be good content?

Content is the engine that drives social networks, but the creation of content that you like, that is shared and that attracts your potential customers is not always easy. Whether you’re just starting out and not sure what to write or what type of format to use, how if you’re already a social networking veteran whose Facebook posts are starting to see themselves as repetitive, knowing that posting and how to do it is a constant challenge.

To help you, it’s this process here that we share five types of publications that can help you create more interactive content, with more views, Likes and other concrete actions how to share and that encourages your followers to take a predetermined action.


This is one of the most popular concepts and even so its handling must be carefully as it is not applicable to all types of media or business, but in general, the audience likes and this makes them attentive to review the profile again If they thought it funny.

It is important to keep in mind that humor is subjective and varies by region so what is funny for some may be offensive to others. In such a case, avoid humor and lascivious or offensive your use of a meme, be sure to understand what is in progress, and how the latest memes work.

Content that makes you think or inspire

Themes that generate thoughts of analysis or that Inspire in a good way, are a good way to generate interest and get a discussion going. For this type, it is possible to publish inspirational quotes and famous thoughts of your choice, or to link to inspirational stories and articles related to your field of development.

You can also write reflective content about your opinions about a particular event or scenario (industry related or general news), your company’s philosophy, your employees’ achievements, or your mission.

Educational Content

Teaching people something new is another good way to get interest or appreciation. This type of content is usually linked to a blog entry or article, either from your company or a resource with the expert in a quick sample that explains what the article is about.

Conversational Content

Involving the audience directly is always a practical choice for content. Take the time to answer a comment to a follower or a fan, answer a question, join in a related discussion, thank someone for a good comment or share, and usually connect with people on their social networks level individual.

Promotional Content

In the latter one should work as the end of a series of strategies or priorities. Yes, you want to properly use social media marketing to promote your business. The repeated use of this type of content will end up boring the audience and in the short term no one will be interested in your brand, product or service

Within the design of a good content must consider the attributes and characteristics of each network or site since even if they do not seem to. They are different and their approach to attraction is different. For this case, a comprehensive study of each network to be used and the advantages that these can bring to the brand, company or campaign to be carried out is necessary.

“The Facebook move is different from Twitter and this one. From Instagram “

Along with the types of content listed above, and considerations about each social network, blog or website, it is necessary to be careful with the type of language that is used for each of those digital media based on the target audience Directs and the complexity of understanding for a technical language vs. a virtual daily life. In addition, the extension of content valid for home network is key to not saturate the readers / users with too much information mainly in the graphic part, based on a principle “Less is More.” Combination of Text in Image + Captain. In the case of blogs, the extension of articles is positive as they are done.

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SEO Positioning

According to Wikipedia, SEO or Search Engine Optimization for its meaning in English is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. SEO is needed to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.

SEO is the best way for your users to find you through searches in which your website is relevant, these users are looking for what you offer; And the best way to get to them is through the popular search engines, such as the owners Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Content + SEO

Search engines often use the same principles or algorithms for crawling Relevant Content as well as the age of websites in conjunction with links pointing to or re-targeting a particular site. For tracking, search engines follow the existing links and establish relationships between different pages. In this case the content and design of the same play an important role for positioning as long as you contain themes, texts and phrases that you want to position. The keywords increase the chances of positive results.

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