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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The 5 Best Tricks To Improve SEO Positioning

Sezoz Digital, a company specialized in SEO positioning, web design and graphic design, collects 5 simple and infallible tricks to obtain visibility in the search engines.
Sezoz Digital offers the possibility of improving the presence of brands on the internet. The company also improves the digital image or develops it from scratch with the help of a team of professionals with extensive experience in SEO positioning, web design and graphic design.
To prevent fierce competition from knocking out all the odds of winning customers, Sezoz Digital offers the top 5 tricks in SEO positioning.
1. Improve old content
The Internet is saturated with little relevant content; Today it is not worth with publishing articles in a blog or saturating a web page with information if this does not bring something different to users.
To improve SEO positioning, companies more than continue to add little useful content, should focus on improving that they have already published through different strategies to offer added value and generate interest to potential customers.
The content of a web page should be written for humans, not for robots, so it is important that it be interesting, easy to read and include visual elements that reinforce the information.
2. Think global and act locally
While it is true that the Internet offers the possibility of finding customers anywhere on the Planet, to get immediate results it is necessary to start the digital marketing strategy locally.
By properly optimizing a web page locally, Google and search engines understand that it is a real business, with an address and phone, which is rewarded with improved visibility and SEO positioning.
3. Good images well located
Images are also a determining factor in SEO positioning, so it is necessary to carefully choose those that transmit information and emotion, in addition to being located in strategic positions.
In #digitalmarketing, web design and graphic design must work hand in hand to create comprehensive pages and achieve optimal results in less time.
4. Every second counts
A common problem in small business websites is the lack of information about the positive and negative effect of upload speed, not only for users but also for SEO positioning.
40% of users leave a website when it takes more than three seconds to load; While 47% of visitors expect a page to load in two seconds or less.
Google has already made it clear that the loading speed is crucial and even provides free tools to measure it and improve it if necessary.
5. Mobile optimization is essential
The Internet has long since ceased to be an exclusive tool for computers; Nowadays users use all kinds of devices to navigate: tablets, smartphones, laptops, watches and more.
Optimization for mobile devices is no longer an option and has become a standard, therefore, for a good SEO positioning the responsive design is imperative.
Having a professional team specialized in SEO positioning, web design and graphic design is fundamental to improve the presence of companies on the Internet and ensure success.

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