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Monday, April 30, 2018

Importance of Digital Marketing: Promote your brand

There are two ways to promote your business: through traditional marketing or digital marketing. Both handle the same objective, the sale of a certain product or service, but use different means and strategies to achieve it. Many companies will question: what kind of marketing will I use for my business? Which one is the most feasible? Which of the two suits me better? Do I really have to choose one of the two, or can I exercise both?

There are more and more companies that want to retain their customers and sell their products or services in the market. For this, they need to design a marketing strategy that allows them to plan how they will be known and what means they will use.

The Digital Marketing Agencies in Peru are currently the "boom" for its immediacy and effectiveness, since they are key tools that will allow you to redirect your business and retain your customers. These agencies provide full advice on digital channels: Social Media, SEM (includes SEO "search engine optimization" and pay-per-click advertising); Google Adwords; email marketing, etc. The idea is to differentiate in prices, image, web page, etc.

Digital marketing has gained prominence in recent years due to its easy segmentation, its biredictional communication, its immediate and interactive practical measurement and its low cost. However, as far as coverage is concerned, it only reaches a certain public with access to the internet; unlike traditional marketing whose audience is not related to the internet, so each one covers two different spaces.

"It is wrong to say that one is more important or effective than the other. Both traditional and digital marketing use strategies and channels that efficiently meet the objectives set by companies. It's not about defining the best, it's about understanding that both are a perfect effective complement, "says William Henostroza, CEO of the Digital Marketing Agency Tresmedia.

It is important to keep in mind that traditional marketing was an efficient method to introduce your brand into the market. However, social networks allow you to implement massive strategies that you can constantly update to captivate your customers. Now that you know it, advise yourself with the experts and make it possible for the benefits of your brand to be known by millions of people, managing to increase your sales and build loyalty to your audiences.

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