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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Types of segmentation that any professional marketer should know

Although segmentation is not a new concept, since for years we know that it is that process that defines and subdivides a homogeneous market into clearly identifiable segments, which have similar needs or characteristic demands, as BusinessDictionary highlights, the truth is that marketing It's essential.

The marketing strategist must segment properly and it is essential to know, first, the theoretical part. For this, it is important to identify the types of this.

Compared to non-segmented strategies, those that do are CTRs up to 100.95 percent higher, as revealed by WordStream.
Analysts, researchers and specialists in marketing processes, assure that the success of a strategy -in part- lies in the transformation of a total market into specific segments.

The following types are basic to the knowledge of the marketer:

This type refers to people who live in the same geographical area, to reach them it is enough to use local media.

At this point, the meaning goes to the sociological and anthropological variables of people (social class, values, among others).

This kind of segmentation focuses on the internal qualities of the individual, such as motivations, perceptions or cognitive qualities.

It is based on the frequency in which the consumer makes use of a product or service: frequent, medium, light or non-user.

The factors determining the consumer's purchasing decision are considered, according to special situations in the life of the people.

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