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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Why SEO is so important for your company?

That your company appears in the top positions of Google is not only important, but essential if you want to succeed on the Internet. Currently, and with the digitalization of almost all aspects of society, especially at the level of communications, marketing and advertising happen on the Internet.

No matter how much you invest in advertising campaigns through traditional media (press, radio or television), if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. Potential customers are in the network; That's what the big multimillion-dollar companies that bet on digital marketing to invest in their advertising campaigns know. If you look, all prestigious brands have their website, appear in the main social networks and of course occupy the top positions in the search engines.

But how do you get all that? Well, that's where SEO appears, which is the set of techniques and strategies used to position your company's website with the objective of obtaining greater visibility in the first positions of natural search engine results. For you to understand it better, SEO focuses on organic search results, that is, those that are not paid.

What is SEO and how does it work for your company?

To summarize, SEO or Search Experience Optimization, what you are looking for is to optimize your website to offer the user the best experience so that we can attract, convince and build loyalty.

But the best way to understand how it works and to what you owe its success is to consult it with an expert. Using the words of Juan Francisco Rodríguez, director of the SEO consultancy Amplifica, located in Palma de Mallorca: "SEO is based, on the one hand, on technical factors and content (texts, images ...) and, on the another, to get other websites on the network to link you, mention you through direct links, which could translate into being popular in your market, becoming a benchmark in your segment. "

Following with the opinion of this expert, he also clarifies and adds that: "The authority of a website is always going to be a fundamental positioning factor; Google and other search engines value and will continue to value the importance of this type of references (inbound links) to give greater visibility to a website. "

On the other hand, although there are thousands of factors in which a search engine is based to position a page or another higher in the search rankings, it could be said that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance, and such and As the director of Amplifica mentioned, authority is fundamental.

The authority, said in simple words, is the popularity of a web. The more popular a web is, that is, the more references or recommendations (links) exist on it, the more valuable is the information it contains. This factor is what search engines take more into account, since it is based on the user's own experience.

Relevance, on the other hand, we could define it as the relationship that a web has to a specific search. This does not only imply that a page often contains the search term, but the search engine is based on hundreds of factors to determine it: synonyms, related concepts, context, disambiguation ...

Once these two fundamental factors were understood and following the interview with Juan Francisco Rodríguez, we asked him what would be the first step to start an SEO project, and according to his opinion: "When an SEO project is faced, the first step should always be consist in carrying out a keyword study (how your potential customers look for your products and / or services on the internet, and what worries them around them, with the focus also on the main competitors, to know what strategies they perform and for which terms they receive organic traffic) and auditing, from the technical and content point of view, the website of the company, to detect its weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. These actions are the basis for later establishing a solid roadmap, a marketing strategy and positioning on the Internet. "

Now we are clear about the principles with which SEO operates, we will detail the reasons for its importance for the success of your business.

Why is SEO important?

The main reasons why SEO is important for your company are the following:

1. Multiply your visibility

2. Improve the appearance and usefulness of your web content

3. It is a long-term investment

4. The website makes a considerable profit

5. Increase the impact on social networks

6. Provide confidence and credibility to your business

In addition, the results of your SEO campaign can be measured and optimized, so you will be able to evaluate the results of all the techniques and factors involved in your SEO, to see which are giving the best results and correct the course in case of need.

With all this, if you have not used SEO to optimize your website and make your business take off, do not expect much more; millions of potential customers are ready to visit your website.

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