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Friday, June 22, 2018

Digital Marketing - What are sponsored links?

Do you know what sponsored links are? Learn how they can help your marketing strategy and bring quick results.
Digital marketing is a very broad concept, with innumerable strategies and combinations of efficient tactics, always used with the same objective: conversion.

Conquering customers through the web almost always involves following the same path: attract traffic, generate leads, nurture them and, finally, close the sale.

The most prominent form today is the so-called organic traffic - when people come to your site spontaneously, without the use of advertisements.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to position your online business without traditional SEO

The 46% of Google searches are local, therefore, if you are not well positioned, you could be losing great opportunities in front of your competition.

To achieve this you must be in Google's local 3-pack, that is, the first three results for local searches. For nobody is a secret that Google rewards companies that have a solid reputation online, through the reviews can transform customer behavior, because they speak "the truth" about a service. That's why SEO, as it was until a few years ago, is now dead.

How to get your business positioned in the local search list?

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The first mistake that many companies make is to trust online sales to marketing

There is no need to make differences. The brands must be clear that the stores at street level have to walk hand in hand with their sisters in the network and satisfy the customer in the same way. Says Ronan Bardet, CEO of EGI Group and one of the largest experts in Spain in digital business. He also talks about the great opportunities for growth offered by the Internet to retail companies.

When a neophyte asks in the sector of electronic commerce specialized in retail by an expert in the field, a name jumps. His, that of Ronan Bardet, a Frenchman from Brittany who studied in Deusto and the University of Nottingham and settled in Spain 15 years ago to delve into the digital business sector. Founder and CEO of EGI Group, a service company specialized in online commerce, and co-founder of Club Ecommerce. He is also an investor in MAM Originals and a mentor in the Conector startup accelerator. His extensive experience supports him to sentence that the strategy of retailers no longer have to differentiate between traditional commerce and e-commerce. We have to talk about "connected commerce" because "that is the ideal present and the future".

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