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Friday, June 22, 2018

Digital Marketing - What are sponsored links?

Do you know what sponsored links are? Learn how they can help your marketing strategy and bring quick results.
Digital marketing is a very broad concept, with innumerable strategies and combinations of efficient tactics, always used with the same objective: conversion.

Conquering customers through the web almost always involves following the same path: attract traffic, generate leads, nurture them and, finally, close the sale.

The most prominent form today is the so-called organic traffic - when people come to your site spontaneously, without the use of advertisements.

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But, sponsored links are also an excellent option to attract the public and should not be discarded.

It is worth learning how to use them in the best way to achieve excellent results, and that is what we are going to show you now!

In this article you will discover:

  • What are sponsored links?
  • Why use sponsored links in your digital strategy?
  • What should you consider before using the sponsored links?
  • 5 benefits of sponsored links for your strategy.
  • How to use sponsored links: 4 steps to success.

What are sponsored links?
In a simple way, we can say that sponsored links are ads in the form of simple text. The best known way to find them is through the search mechanisms.

At the top of the results, some prominent sites appear with an identification that indicates that they are ads. Those are the sponsored links.

In recent years, ads have also appeared on social networks, which are gaining more and more strength. Among the various formats available, are the sponsored links.

Normally they are separated into:

CPC (cost per click): every click on the link, the advertiser pays;
CPM (cost per thousand): when the ad reaches a thousand views or impressions, the advertiser pays;
CPA (cost per action): only charged when the user performs some action on the advertiser's site;
CPV (cost per display): for each person who sees the ad, a value is paid.
The values ​​paid depend on the model and the keyword that the advertiser chooses, each with its advantages and characteristics.

Why use sponsored links in your digital strategy?
On the one hand, there are those who concentrate virtually the entire marketing budget on ads, including sponsored links.

On the other hand, some abhor this strategy completely, judging that it is part of the old and inefficient methods of marketing and that it is time to pay attention only to organic tactics.

In the end, who is right? Of course, everyone must decide how to take care of their own business and what are the principles to follow.

But the best way is to find the balance between organic marketing tactics and pay.

In this case, there are good reasons to invest in sponsored links! This strategy has several benefits.

Easy to climb
You can start a campaign with few resources and increase the investment as you get return in your company.

This is a good alternative for those who are starting and do not want to risk too much if things do not go as expected.

If that was your fear, maybe it's a good time to prepare and consider the use of sponsored links.

Simple to measure
Nowadays there is no space to carry out any marketing action without having the conditions to properly measure the results and make adjustments.

With that in mind, ad platforms have powerful metrics analysis tools and provide reports with all the information you need.

Using that data, you will be able to reevaluate the way you are working your campaigns and ensure that you will not lose your investment.

Quick to optimize
Did you encounter problems while analyzing the progress reports of your campaigns? Do not worry, the platforms offer quick and practical ways to change any element of a campaign.

That way, you do not get caught up in a wrong initial decision and you have real power over the money you're spending.

That agility is also important when optimizing a campaign that is going well and you decide to expand its reach.

Created thinking about segmentation
A problem associated with ads has a lot to do with the traditional idea that we have in relation to Outbound Marketing.

It is common to see brochures distributing for all those who accept, or TV commercials that they sell for "anyone".

With the sponsored links this technique of "shooting everywhere" is not used. On the contrary, they have evolved over the years, taking into account the segmentation of the public.

That means offering products and services only to those who have shown a real interest in buying them. So you are the one who chooses who will see your ad.

What you should consider before using sponsored links
Okay. You were convinced that it is worth using the sponsored links as part of your marketing plan. And now?

It is not enough to go out there buying ads and creating campaigns without a good initial preparation.

We list some important elements for you to take into account and that will make all the difference in the final result of the investment.

Costs involved
We have already said that it is possible to spend as much as you want and that it is not necessary to have a very large budget.

But that does not eliminate the need to consider costs.

First of all, remember that the lower the value applied, the longer it will take to see substantial results. It is your task to find the ideal value that will bring balance in that sense.

In addition, you should consider who will take care of the campaigns: an internal professional or an outsourced specialist.

Return time
Fast return time is one of the high points of sponsored links, but it will also depend on your goals. How?

If you have a very ambitious goal, you will have two options: the first is to invest little by little and take more time to achieve it.

The second is to apply a considerable amount at the beginning and start a massive campaign to generate enough traffic in a short time.

Common mistakes
Stay tuned for the common mistakes that many make when working with sponsored links.

Digital marketing is not magic, it requires exact planning and execution to give results.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs still insist on strategizing in half and blaming the methods later.

It is essential to be careful at every stage of the process, from the choice of keywords to the channels chosen to announce.

Variety of channels
Many people think that sponsored links are summarized to Google.

If we are going to think only of search engines, we still have the Bing, the second most used in the world.

But, in addition to them, social networks today offer a huge variety of ads, including sponsored links in the form of posts.

Exploring the different options and considering which ones make sense for your brand will help you not to get stuck in a single channel.

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