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Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to position your online business without traditional SEO

The 46% of Google searches are local, therefore, if you are not well positioned, you could be losing great opportunities in front of your competition.

To achieve this you must be in Google's local 3-pack, that is, the first three results for local searches. For nobody is a secret that Google rewards companies that have a solid reputation online, through the reviews can transform customer behavior, because they speak "the truth" about a service. That's why SEO, as it was until a few years ago, is now dead.

How to get your business positioned in the local search list?

In GRW we follow these infallible practices without resorting to the complex traditional SEO trends.

1. Facilitate contact forms and you will receive more clients at the door
Make sure the name, address and map of the business are correct and that the phone is visible on your website. This is very important because 76% of searches at the local level end in a phone call, that way you will be facilitating the channel of communication with your users, it includes an online chat sale and will improve the results even more!

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2. Create profiles in online directories and gain positions in search engines
It is vital that your business appear in the local directories, such as Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook, completing your profile and compiling reviews, you will automatically improve your positioning. For this the information must be identical in each platform. In GRW we recommend that you have consistency in the information, this will give you more visibility for the users and will provide the search engines with verified data about your company.

3. Boost your online reputation to increase your recurring revenue.
Google believes that good reviews are a sign of confidence, now the best positioned businesses are those that have better reviews. 81% of people read reviews before buying, in fact, a Harvard Business School study found that, by simply increasing your 1-star rating, you can see an increase in revenue by almost 10%.

There are several tools that can be used to collect positive reviews, such as Bulletproof Reviews, which sends an invitation to customers, automatically upon entering your business.

Online efforts are a reflection of offline reality, focus on building the best business you can and getting the recognition of your customers. But yes, be sure to start now, so you do not stay behind in this changing world.

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