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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Breathe in the market with click away

click away

From the data exported so far, the turnover of companies that have a fully developed online store is close to 35% of last year's sales, while from the total orders received and executed by businesses, the choice of consumers with the method of out-of-store delivery ( click away) reaches 70%, the Ministry of Development and Investment emphasizes in an announcement.

The success of the companies, notes the compliance of the companies with the specific measures that they were called to observe. In dozens of audits carried out by the auditing services in the immediately preceding period, the delinquency did not exceed 1%.

The General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection, underlines the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in an effort to keep "alive" the relationship between businesses and consumers, implemented, since last Sunday, December 13, the pre-purchase and receipt of products from outside the store (click away). As he points out, with the implementation of "delivery outside", consumers were able to be served faster, due to the unprecedented volume of orders that the courier companies were asked to execute.

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes, one week after the application of the method with the delivery outside and according to the data so far, both from the commercial activity of the companies, and from the observance of the special operating rules by them, "they allow us "On the one hand, we should be optimistic about the consumer dynamics of the market, and on the other hand, we should support even more the bold and necessary step of small and medium-sized enterprises to move to the new commercial reality and" open "their stores".

"It is our firm belief that society and companies will form a new, modern, transparent and rewarding trade relationship, with the horizon of new challenges", concludes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its announcement.

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