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If you are an employee, an unemployed, a student, a housewife, a business owner or even a millionaire… whoever you are, this method is tested and it will totally change your life.
We are not a single landing page as used to be by scammers, we are a digital company which our target is to provide solutions at small/huge business or even to individuals.
No one from our company will ask you any kind of payment or personal information, not even your email address!
After you buy a car, the house of your dreams or whatever your goals are, feel free to D.M. me at instagram @stergosfrag and share with me your positive vibes!


Time is money, start over right away by following all steps below!

Last update: 8/02/2017

Step 1

Signup a free account at these 4 companies.

The VIP Team

Company Info: The VIP Team is our No1 business solution and it’s defeat any myth about MLM down-rates. It is a group of business professionals who specialize in delivering new innovative products and services to the marketplace focused on assuring that EVERYONE can MAKE PROFIT. It is an incredible business opportunity, they offer to everyone $100 real money for start up and it’s FREE TO JOIN!
Process: Click the link below to sign up, make sure to watch the 3 first steps (videos), after you watch the videos $100 will be automatically funded to your balance! After that navigate “The Link page –> Banners / Marketing” to get your affiliate code. If you do not have a website to promote their banner, just use your affiliate link for sharing. Check your email to see your affiliate link. Withdraw cash when you meet the minimum by navigating at “”The Link page –> Withdraw from cash balance”.
Click here to join, it’s free!

libertex affiliates

Company Info: Libertex, a Forex broker regulated by CySEC (TOP 20 of the biggest brokers in the world), has an affiliate program called Libertex-Affiliates whose aim is to promote its services (Forex and CFD trading) and attract new clients (traders). This FREE TO JOIN program offers its members a variety of advertising tools in different languages, as well as attractive payment plans compared to similar programs. They pay up to 800 USD CPA or up to 60% of the Broker’s Gross Revenue (during their lifetime).
Process: Click the link below to sign up, make sure to choose “Gross Revenue” once is for lifetime. Now you can earn by 2 ways, attract new clients and new referrals. To attract new clients navigate at “Promo” then choose from the left sidebar “Banners” then scroll down the page and copy the code of the banner of your choice and add it to your website. If you do not have a website to promote their banner, just use your affiliate link for sharing. Find your affiliate link by navigating at “Promo” then choose from the left sidebar “Referral Links” then scroll down the page and copy the link. Get paid by navigating at “Finances”. P.s. it’s very possible an agent will be contact with you via skype to just confirm your account.
Click here to join, it’s free!


Company Info: LeadsLeap is one of the best FREE TO JOIN lead generation tools. It is a platform, which provides their members with a whole bunch of free marketing tools. Not only these tools are FREE, but they are really powerful. I will uncover all the details about that in a matter of seconds. LeadsLeap is an advertising platform developed for both. Experienced and newbie marketers. Anyone can leverage from it.
Process: Click the link below to sign up. At left sidebar, choose “Make Money –> 3. Add Leadsleap Widget” design your widget and copy the code to your website. If you do not have a website to promote their banner, just use your affiliate link for sharing. Find your affiliate link by navigating at  “Make Money –> 5. Promote LeadsLeap”. After that, start surfing at least 10 pages every day to earn credits. You can surf by navigating at “Make Money –> 1. Surf Ads”. Convert credit to cash by navigating at “2. Encash Credits” when you meet the minimum.
Click here to join, it’s free!

Company Info: This company is not only about success but is about a millionaires life-change! They offering a huge community which share secrets covering a myriad of information ranging from health, metaphysics, religion, science, politics, conspiracies and government. Almost all premium members are millionaires. The good news is that they offering an amazing MLM program, it is high paying (seriously you can change your life) and the best part is FREE TO JOIN! Premium subscription is also available.
Process: Click the link below to sign up, please to get support make sure to use our affiliate code “sezoz” while you signup. (This is how you will also do it with your future leads) Then create your own referral code, click at top right profile picture, select “My rewards”, second tab “My referral codes” then click green button “Add new code”. Finally share that website link and ask from your future leads to signup using your referral code. (All other companies has affiliate links which is easiest, and that company use referral code, but believe me it’s worth it!)
Click here to join, it’s free!


As mention, the method we are using is a 100% free, however it is impossible to ignore some companies which we already try and are make money for us like money machine. So here they are just in case you decide to start with a small investment. Always remember that all successful online marketers which makes $10K-$50K or more per month,  they invest money, to make these huge earnings. Even if you start for free today, some day you will have to invest, to get more money. If you have the afford, it is highly recommended to start from the day one!

My 1 Dollar Business

Company Info: My1DollarBusiness save Money, help People, Get Paid. Earn a Free 7-night Luxury 5-star Vacation. See what $1 can do for you! This is the perfect feeder program for your main business! Also, using their recruiting program, you can make up to $18.000 per month! Check their chart below and make the math. phases

Process: Click the link below to sign up, after that fill your info and complete the $1 payment. Finally, get your referral link by navigate at the dashboard or simply add your ‘registered username’ at the end of that link:
Click here to join, it’s free!

Step 2

Leads generation

Once you have completed the 1st step, and you have copy their affiliate links, now it’s time to find people and share that links with them. The target is people join that companies as you did or use their services.

There are several ways to find new leaders, let’s mention a few:

#Use ‘LeadsLeap‘ free advertising. At the left sidebar “Advertising –> My Credit Advertising”, use the credits you earn by surfing their ads, to advertise your own page.

# Share links with your close friends and family.

# Create a blog, website or landing page.

# Social media marketing.

# Email marketing.

# Video marketing.

# Pay a lead generation service.

# PPC.

# And more…

You can always use any kind of method you wish, actually we recommended to use all of them.

More detailed tutorials how to attract thousands new leads, are coming soon.
However, if you have signup at all companies from step 1, then contact me to Instagram @stergosfrag to provide you a great method, it’s free.


What people who is using our method said!

AvatarFrank Jord. CEO at St. Bridget’s Schools.

Each provided step, it seems that is studied in detail. Great work…

AvatarHillary Clex. Ηousewife.

Your method is truly saved my life! I got the first transaction from the first week…

AvatarHenri Humb. State employee.

I am using online marketing the last 3 years, current method has the best efords I ever had…

AvatarKelly Suan. Bank employee.

Always believed that online marketing is a scam, since I start using this method my earnings has overcome my expectations…

Thinking right now which one to try? Easy, ALL OF THEM! Always remember that:

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income!

Join all of them today to start earn money! It’s free!


We are already testing new companies and strategies, we will publish as soon as tests are completed!
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