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Google Business + New Website


Adding your business on Google Maps and having a website for your business, is a must-do online marketing / S.E.O (search engine optimization) strategy to improve the visibility of your business.
What we are offering?
  1. A new website for your business powered by Google! (Always online, fast load, including on page map, images and more) Demo
  2. We will submit your business at Google Businesses. (including Google Maps, Business categories, Google plus and more)
Why your business need this?
Helping your business to stand out online, new clients find your business and/or your products, improve your business on Google search results, your clients has the ability to leave a review for your company and a lot more…
After that, Google Maps For Business offering amazing features, like sending push notifications on Android/iOs mobile users, when visit your company and asking them to upload photos, leave reviews and more.
Whatever your business is (online/offline), submit and verify at Google Business is highly recommended!
Our marketing experts will take care of this important progress for you, using the best strategy so your business will successfully stand out online!
  • Share with us your company information (Company name, website (if any), logo, a few images, address info, contact email, phone, a brief description of your business and your prefer domain URL e.g. “sezozdigital”)
  • Once Google require verification, the progress will be complete in 2 steps. First we will create and submit your business at Google Maps, secondly after a few days you will receive a call verification from Google.
If you have any questions about Google Business, you are always welcome to contact us.
Million companies are already stand out online and their first move was to join Google Maps.
Do not keep your business out of the game!

Your competitors are already there!

Contact us today and let's talk about your vision.
Starting at 50€!


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