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Web Design (e-shop) - Professional


We will design and install a new e-shop for your business using the most professional eCommerce software.
At nowadays, it seems easy and cheap to create an online business using online ready-platforms or even buying a ready e-shop for a few dollars where hundreds of people will have exactly the same website as yours. However this is also the reason most online business do not success!
We offer to create a unique online store for your business using the most professional eCommerce platform globally! Your online business will be exclusive, with unlimited features to attract new clients, keep them happy, increase sales and drive your business to the top!
E-shop Features:
Hosting - E-shop Hosting - 120,00€ / year
Registration of a new Domain Name - 20,00€ / 2 years
Full Categorization & subcategorization, filters, menus -
Purchase a Template that is relevant to the object of your business -
Graphic Design based on your corporate and product identity -
Full Responsive και Mobile Friendly -
Detailed product presentation with photos, code (sku), description, quantity, discount rate, normal price or with offer, add to cart, direct purchase -
Back Office (tracking system) to track your orders, products and customer base -
procedure -
Product search engine with product display with image, title, price, sku. -
Wish List -
Featured products or popular on the e-shop homepage -
Shopping Cart -
Selection of Related products -
Second Language at the Frond end and at the Back Office of the e-shop - 40€
Ability to subscribe the customer to the Newsletter -
Payment by bank deposit -
Cash on delivery -
Payment with PayPal -
Payment by Credit - Debit Card -
Automated order receipt notification to customer when completed -
Reset password to customer in case of loss by sending a new one -
Show Cookies bar + GDPR Policy, The user can have complete control over all the information of his use on the site from his account - 40€
Add extra quantity to cart or delete and update -
Continue shopping button -
Registered customers have the ability to view their order history -
Introduction of uniform transport charges at a specific place -
Creating shipping charges based on product weight -
Set free shipping costs -
Accept admin order and automated email notification -
Complete warehouse quantity control -
Show availability on each product such as: immediately available, 1-3 days, 4-7 days, upon order and not available. -
Set shipping costs -
S.E.O. settings such as title writing, keyword input, page description, categories & products -
Create a sitemap and import it into the Google search console -
Google map and contact information, business addresses and contact numbers -
Ssl Security Certificate
(https: /)
Create Feed (xml, csv) for use with Skroutz, Bestprice - 99€
Checkout - Complete order in steps -
Slideshow with custom images -
Professional Email of your company -
Affiliate marketing system
Rewards points system -
Gift voucher system -
Coupon system -
Ability to add your products to Google Shopping Directory -

How it works:

Contact us and we will provide you via email a questionnaire form to submit. Please fill the form and send it back to us.

When we receive all the required information, in 7-10 days your website will be ready. (You will receive a confirmation email)

That's it!

  • In case you don't have the knowledge or the time to provide us the above info, please contact us.
  • The introduction of multiple pages, products, categories, options and additional features incur additional charges because it is part of the management of the website and not the construction.
  • Along with the website you will receive a link where you can see in detail how easy it is to manage the website through the control panel.

Contact us today and let's talk about your vision.
Starting at 700€ 600€!

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